Finally after three years of asking the West L.A. Veterans Administration to update their website in regards to information about the mesothelioma treatment facility at the West L.A. Veterans Administration, they have done it! Now, a diagnosed veteran can research the VA website and get in touch with the right people at the West L.A. Veterans Administration for treatment of mesothelioma and asbestos related cancer. Here are a couple of links to very informative pages about the Comprehensive Mesothelioma Treatment and Research Center from the WLAVA website:

i have created an organization to help victims of mesothelioma get the right answers, right away.

time is not on your side. contact me for help. never, ever give up.

Who I Am

I am here to help guide a diagnosed person, answer their questions, speak to family and friends. I will help with all the information one will be inundated with and steer them in the right direction. I will shoot straight, no hesitation, no misleading answers, no candy coating. You have nothing to loose by reaching out to me, time is not on your side with mesothelioma. I know first hand.

Let Me Help You

If you are wondering about all those law firms advertising help on Television if you have been diagnosed, I know first hand about how the process of litigation works. Once you fill any information out online you have opened yourself up to a barrage of law firms that can mislead you with empty promises. Again, time is not on your side, and I can help answer your questions and share my story to help guide you in the right direction.